The Healing Garden, Manyatta and Herb Spirals:


Towards the bottom of the Shamba, we decided to dedicate an area to a Healing Garden. Here visitors may have the opportunity to partake in a Medicinal Plant workshop, learning about the various healing properties of the plant species, touching, smelling and listening. 

Finally right at the bottom of the Shamba, tucked away in a corner, a Manyatta was built( a circular version of the traditional Kenyan shelter which is more rectangular). The circular shape of the hut serves as the termination of the final axis within the Shamba. Woven offshoots provide the structure for the circular huts as well as clay bricks. The builder carefully plastered only sections of the Manyatta with clay in a pattern, allowing for light to stream into the hut through the woven slats. The roof is made of grass. The windows have been carved into the hut wall at intervals, ensuring that one of the windows is inline with the path leading up to the Shamba Deck space. The purpose of the manyatta is to serve as a place for ceremonies, such as an exchange of vows or for blessings to take place. 

Behind the Manyatta, two vertical indigenous herb spirals create a final gift of intrigue. It has been designed to allow visitors to intimately investigate the herbs & flowers. Not many visitors to the Shamba may venture to the very bottom of the large edible garden, but for those who find themselves in this space, they are rewarded with a surprising enchanting feature.