The Mysterious Citrus Labyrinth:

Consists of Lime and Orange trees , planted closely together in a spiral. Once the trees are fully grown, they will form a spiralling wall obscuring the view of the Shamba when you enter the labyrinth. A labyrinth is one path that weaves around itself and eventually leads out. The idea behind the Labyrinth is to function as a walking meditative experience, where a person holds onto a thought in one’s mind, engaging in that thought, and finally letting it go as you leave the space. In years to come, the centre of the citrus labyrinth will form a protected sacred space, where visitors can rest on benches and take shelter under the dense leaves of the spiralled forest. 

The Colour Red is very important to the Maasai People. In the beds surrounding the citrus labyrinth, the idea is to plant as many red flowering and red fruit bearing companion plants on a rotational basis. At this stage the cinnamon basil is thriving and attracting many butterflies. In the interim, while red edible plants are being sourced, the Shamba Custodian has planted other vegetables in the beds.