Guided by sustainable and ecologically sensitive principals, DL creates beautiful edible gardens,yielding abundant harvests for the luxury hospitality trade. 


Designing a food garden is about understanding and meeting your fresh produce needs. The careful selection of edible plants, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees in line with gastronomic requirements of the chef while taking into account environmental and seasonal opportunities, all contributes to a flourishing food garden, optimising harvest potential.

The aspiration is to awaken curiosity: engaging taste, touch, smell and visually stimulate the gardener and visitors alike. We aim to create extraordinary and beautiful edible garden spaces that will inspire. 

A holistic and ecologically sensitive approach, encompasses the promotion and implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly systems and practices such as: rainwater management, sensible irrigation, composting, worm farms, waste management, permaculture and utilizing enviromentally friendly pest management options.

Our Edible Gardens, are forever gardens. Central to our design and implementation process is ensuring that your garden will mature and grow to its full potential for years to come. Ensuring sustainability, means that the upskilling, knowledge sharing and hands-on training of the gardener is imperative to the service that is offered.



DL is based in South Africa: we provide our services to both a national and international client basis. 

We offer bespoke landscape design for edible gardens for the Luxury Hospitality Trade.

It comprises a high level of customisation, carefully tailoring our offering to individual clients.

We pay particular attention to the client brief as a starting point for the design process. 

The process is thus tailor-made for each project. 

The DL service comprises:

  • Master Planning
  • Project Management
  • Custodian Training
  • Water & Waste Management Systems
  • Environmentally pro-active system implementation
  • After project completion service & advice

Commonly found digging in the dirt 

Ian Dommisse is a Gardener, Architect and Social Entrepreneur.  

For a boy who found himself daydreaming about digging in the dirt, planting little plants,  while resentfully standing like a lost soul, missing balls on a cricket field, it was inevitable that gardening would become his life.

As an architect, Ian has gained industry experience in the built environment.

However, it does not come as a surprise that his compelling love for gardening and nature has drawn him to this industry.

An opportunity to design a 60 x 60m vegetable Garden for Angama Mara, a Luxury Safari Resort situated in the Maasai Mara, Kenya has been a dream come true. (follow Angama blog link)

Apart from designing and creating food gardens, Ian is committed to working within the Environmental and Social Impact Industry. He founded The EcoBrick Exchange (EBE)in 2013, a recycling non profit company which facilitates the building of early childhood development centres in townships using upcycled plastic waste (EBE Link).