The Lookout Deck: 


Having harvested fresh ingredients along the way, visitors are lead to the Shamba Lookout Deck. Roughly 50 square meters, the deck is built out of timber and a metal frame in an oval shape. The deck is situated strategically to take full advantage of the spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley or to take in the entire Shamba. The greater of the two reservoirs amplifies the scenery through the mirroring effect on the water. The deck is built around two ancient trees, providing shade and dappled light.  Designed as a dining and relaxation space, visitors are welcomed by the chef standing at a ‘prepping’ station on the deck, ready to turn their freshly picked ingredients into a salad. The dining experience at the Shamba Lookout Deck is ideally for intimate groups. After feasting on the harvest, guests may take the steps toward the bottom of the deck. These steps lead visitors down a hill towards a soft ,fragrant blanket of Penny Royal and Chamomile, planted for guests to lie or sit on, easing digestion. Nasturtium, Violets and pansies are among the edible flowers planted along the edge of the meadow.